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Welcome Home Fellow Snail Mailers

There is no cost to submit your information. The only costs that are involved is if you want a copy of the Registery and if you are wanting to be matched up with pen pals

Announcing the launch of

The Lost Art of Letterwriting Society


  • a place where pen pals of the world celebrate being friends through the post (snail mailers)

Calling all Pen Pallers (snail mailers) would you want to create a society for snail mailers / pen pals from all over the world

The soul purpose of the society is providing a safe comfortable environment for people to find people whom are looking for pen pals.


  • Pen Pal Registry – starting in 2005
  • which is where pen pals get to create a profile to be listed
  • a place where you can keep track of your pen pals
  • updated yearly
  • due date for submissions Jan 15th - this will allow them to be sent out the end of January the first of February
  • most used resources such as publications, web sites, online communities etc
  • where to get supplies
  • maybe connect to stores that we get the supplies for the latest products
  • people whom make and sell stationary, address labels feel free to make an ad up for the resource section
  • looking for volunteers to help out

I was thinking if we have a pen pal connection would be allowing people to submit their profile and the type of pen pal they are looking for and I will match them up and send you a copy of the pen pal intro. It would be up to you if you decide to correspond with them.

This would be extra service in the society so to get this service would be $10 (USA) per year. You control how many pals your receive you set the criteria

Will be registering as a society. Donations are always accepted. The membership fees include a copy of the years. Not sure how much they will be depends on how big the book is for shipping. APPROX($25 (USA) ( maybe less )

  • pen pal connection book
  • membership certificate
  • newsletters

* Any other ideas let me know

Lost art of letterwriting

C/o Tamara Stevens

Sackville, Ns B4E 3B2


Yahoo messager = tamaras_snails

Tamaras_snails@poboxed.com (registered with pay pal for donations for the lost art of letter writing society)

Tamaras_snails@yahoo.ca / Http://Snailmailstuff.4t.com / Http://lalw.4t.com



Listing Site Updates

Any News or New information that is located on the site will be listed here.

Please Take the time to Plot where you live in the World to other snailers see where people come from.


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